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Agency Awards 2019 Resident Services Corporation Scholarships


Resident Services Corporation 2019 Scholarship Recipients are pictured with RSC Board Members.
Pictured from left to right: Commissioner Carleen Cumberbatch, Chair of RSC Board; Anitra Johnson, Scholarship Recipient; Commissioner Charles Yi, RSC BoardMember; Sindera Hood, Scholarship Recipient, Pete Walker, CEO; Kenya Brooks, Scholarship Recipient; andCommissioner Eloise ‘Yuvette’ Hudson, Vice-Chair of RSC Board.

As part of our mission and in order to encourage academic excellence and community responsibility, Resident Services Corporation (RSC) continued our the Agency's scholarship program for traditional students (high school seniors who are preparing to enter college) and non-traditional students (degree-seeking adults who wish to attend or are currently attending college).

As a result, we were extremely pleased to award a total of $10,000 in scholarships to three deserving individuals who were receiving rental assistance through the Housing Authority of DeKalb County’s Housing Choice Voucher Program.